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Welcome to Suresh Law

As a lawyer, I love helping my community access the legal services and justice they deserve. Let’s be frank; the legal profession and systems have changed very little over the last century. Many people find the courts, judges, and lawyers scary, intimidating, and alien to their everyday lives. The only experience many people have of the legal system is through Suits or the latest John Grisham book. This, unfortunately, leads to hesitance in speaking to a lawyer when life brings real legal problems.

As we enter the new post-COVID world, I want to tear down these barriers to accessing justice. The fourth industrial revolution is now upon us. This is the era of instant messaging, video calling, artificial intelligence, and constant connectivity. The 9-5 working day is no longer a thing. Working from home is becoming the norm, and instant communication is a part of normal day time. Law firms need to adopt these technologies quickly.

At Suresh Law, we think differently. Gone are the days of having to make appointments days in advance, having to attend the law office on their terms and schedule, needing to sign physical documents, not finding out fees till late in the process, and having to pay with cheques or bankers drafts. Instead, we make access to justice no scarier than ordering a take-out. Our practise makes use of the following technologies:

  • Social media – that’s right, we are present on all the major platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. So, feel free to slide into our direct message anytime to start a conversation. Keep an eye out on our feeds for the latest promotions, details of events, legal tips, and best of all, a behind the scenes look at life in the practice.
  • Zoom and Video Calls – one of the most significant changes caused by the lockdowns on everyday life has been the rapid switch to video conferencing for almost every kind of meeting. We love this technology, as it is perfect for improving access to justice. Client consultations, capturing testimony, and even court cases can now be held on Zoom.
  • Face to face meetings – while we all love Zoom and the flexibility it brings to our day to day workload, we still love to meet our clients in person. 
  • Online case management system – we have all seen the movies where the lawyers struggle into court with carts and boxes full of “files”. Thankfully, those days are beginning to disappear, and the world’s forests have been given the death sentence reprieve they deserve. Almost everything is now stored electronically. With our advanced, online, secure portal, you can now access your case anytime from anywhere. Inside the portal, you will be able to make appointments, view any legal documents related to the case, upload evidence, review and sign legal documents, and follow your case’s latest status.
  • Transparent pricing and easy payment – depending on the type of case, we offer two pricing models – fixed price for simple cases such as filing a standard document to the court, or billable hours for more complex cases where the full scope of the work is not yet known. In both models, you can access an up to date record in the online portal. On the payment front, we happily accept e-transfers, credit cards, PayPal, and of course, good old cheques!

In this blog, we will focus on using these new technologies to practice law and how you can get the best out of them. So, please hit the subscribe button now never to miss an update!

To open a case today, simply choose your favourite method of communication – phone – (416) 847-5305, email us at [email protected], register a new case on our online portal –, or drop us a message on your favourite social platform.