Suresh Law Professional Corporation

Suresh Law Professional Corporation

Real estate transactions

  Contact Suresh Law for all your commercial and residential real estate needs. This includes purchase, sale, refinance of your residential and commercial properties.  

Corporate law

  Suresh Law’s corporate law services help businesses with various contracts and transactional needs. Contact us to see how we can help you with your corporate law needs.  

Technology law

  Suresh Law’s technology law services include helping you draft privacy policies, terms and conditions, and other agreements that you may need for your website or your business and not-for-profit organization. Contact us to learn more.   

Shareholders agreement

  At Suresh Law we can help you draft an effective shareholders agreement when you have more than one shareholder in the company.  This makes sure that all the shareholders’ rights and duties are stipulated to avoid any potential problems in the future.   

Suresh Law Bootcamp

  Workshops and volunteer work organized by Suresh Law due to the overwhelming interest from students interested in law. Register by emailing [email protected] for the free law bootcamp during the week of July 25, 2022.  

Incorporation and organizing documents

  Contact us at Suresh Law to get help with your incorporation and organizing documents needs. We make sure that your company is incorporated properly and all the supporting documents have been prepared for you to maintain proper records.   

Small businesses

  At Suresh Law, we help small businesses with their purchase, sale and any other legal needs they may have. Contact us so that we can help you with your business transaction.   

Startup services

  Suresh Law focusses on providing services for technology startups. We help you through every stage of your growth including incorporation, shareholders agreement, intellectual property agreement and employment agreement. Contact us to learn more.